Metro by T-Mobile(MetroPCS) Taxes and Fees

Metro by T-Mobile(MetroPCS) includes taxes and fees in their monthly service plan. This depends on the state and local jurisdiction under which the service is subscribed.

Customers can see the taxes and fees on the activation statement or monthly statement.

Following is the list of Flat taxes, that are added to the monthly service plan charges. Flat taxes may not be shown in the statement but are included in the total amount.

Metro by T-Mobile(MetroPCS) Taxes and Fees According To State

AlabamaAlabama State – Wireless 911 Fee$1.86
AlaskaMetro by T-Mobile does not currently offer service in Alaska
ArizonaArizona State – Universal Service Fund Charge$0.02
ArkansasArkansas State – TRS Surcharges
Arkansas State – Telecom Relay Device Fee
CaliforniaCalifornia State – Wireless 911 Fee$0.30
ColoradoColorado State – Wireless 911 Fee$1.38
ConnecticutConnecticut State – Wireless 911 Fee$0.66
DelawareDelaware State – Wireless 911 Fee
Delaware State – TRS Surcharges
District of Columbia n/a
FloridaFlorida State – Wireless 911 Fee$0.40
GeorgiaGeorgia State – Wireless 911 Fee$1.50
Hawaii n/a
Idaho n/a
Illinois n/a
IndianaIndiana State – Wireless 911 Fee
Indiana State – TRS Surcharges
IowaIowa State – Wireless 911 Fee
Iowa State – TRS Surcharges
Kansas n/a
KentuckyKentucky State – Wireless 911 Fee
Kentucky State – Universal Service Fund Charge
Kentucky State – TRS Surcharges
Louisiana n/a
MaineMaine State – Wireless 911 Fee$1.00
MarylandMaryland State – Wireless 911 Fee$0.60
MassachusettsMassachusetts State – Wireless 911 Fee$1.50
Michigan n/a
MinnesotaMinnesota State – Wireless 911 Fee$1.02
MississippiMississippi State – Wireless 911 Fee$1.00
Missouri n/a
MontanaMontana State – Wireless 911 Fee
Montana State – TRS Surcharges
Nebraska n/a
NevadaCity/County – Wireless 911 Fee
City – Local License Tax
Nevada State – TRS Surcharges
$0.25 – $1.00
Ordinarily 5% of 1st $15 or $0.75
New HampshireNew Hampshire State – Wireless 911 Fee$0.75
New Jersey n/a
New MexicoNew Mexico State – Universal Service Fund Charge$1.08
New YorkNew York State – Public Safety Communications Surcharge
County – Public Safety Communications Surcharge
Counties of Hamilton or St. Lawrence
Broome County Surcharge as of 12/1/2019
Madison County Surcharge as of 9/1/2020
North CarolinaNorth Carolina State – Wireless 911 Fee
North Carolina State – TRS Surcharges
North DakotaNorth Dakota State – TRS Surcharges$0.03
Ohio n/a
OklahomaOklahoma State – Wireless 911 Fee$.75
OregonOregon State – Wireless 911 Fee
Oregon State – TRS Surcharges
PennsylvaniaPennsylvania State – Wireless 911 Fee$1.65
Rhode IslandRhode Island State – Wireless 911 Fee
Rhode Island State – First Response Surcharge
South CarolinaSouth Carolina State – Wireless 911 Fee
South Carolina State – Universal Service Fund Charge
South Carolina State – TRS Surcharges
South DakotaMetro by T-Mobile does not currently offer service in South Dakota
TennesseeTennessee State – Wireless 911 Fee$1.50
Texas n/a
Utah n/a
VermontMetro by T-Mobile does not currently offer service in Vermont
VirginiaVirginia State – Wireless 911 Fee
Virginia State – 988 Surcharge
WashingtonWashington State – Wireless 911 Fee$0.95
West Virginia n/a
WisconsinWisconsin State – Police and Fire Protection Fee$0.38
WyomingWyoming State – TRS Surcharges$0.04

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Note: We try our level best to keep the fees rates updated but we are not responsible for any changes or addition in the rates from Metro by T mobile. Thus, we recommend you to visit the official Metro by T mobile website for confirmation on taxes & fees rates.

Reminder: There are all the MetroPCS payment options available for users to pay their bills.

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