MetroPCSBill.com was started by its founder, Jafar, in December 2020 as a simple informational website covering primarily billing methods offered by Metro by T-Mobile. The goal is to make it easy for you to understand the payment options and manage your account. In addition to that the website also publishes other helpful content related to MetroPCS services. From updated information about plans to troubleshooting common issues, the website covers most parts.

As some of you may know MetroPCS was acquired by T-Mobile in 2012 which later led to the change in brand name from MetroPCS to Metro by T-Mobile in 2028.

Two years later, when Jafar was researching for certain keywords to plan a new niche website, He found out the potential volume for MetroPCS bill queries. This made him plan the new website around it.

He chose the metropcsbill.com domain name to reflect the old company brand name and avoid getting into conflict due to any trademark use issue. However, to fulfill the requirements, there is also a disclaimer on this website that states that “MetroPCSbill.com is not an official website of Metro by T-Mobile and nor it is associated with it in any way. The information is for general purposes only”.

As of now, Metropcsbill.com ranks on page 1 for most of the primary keywords and has been getting decent traffic for 2 years.

The metropcsbill.com website publishes only human-written content which ensures quality and updated information.

Here is the screenshot of the website performance from the last 3 months according to Google Search Console (updated on 1 November 2023).

For any queries regarding MetroPCSBill.com, use our email address [email protected].

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