How To Upgrade Metro PCS Phone?

To upgrade your Metro PCS phone, you will need to bring it to the nearby Metro by T-Mobile store. There are a few things you need to know before your Metro device can be traded in or upgraded.

Metro PCS Phone Upgrade

Steps to Upgrade Metro PCS Phone

Follow the steps to upgrade Metro Phone:

  1. Check the estimated value of your current phone from here.
  2. Go to the nearby Metro by T-Mobile store.
  3. The store’s mobile expert will check your mobile to give you the final value.
  4. Select the new phone from the list.
  5. Pay the difference between the trade-in value of your old phone and the cost of your new phone.
  6. Enjoy using the upgraded phone.

Note: You only need to pay the amount difference, there is no cost to upgrade your phone at MetroPCS.

Benefits of Metro PCS Phone Upgrade or Trade-in

  • You will choose from a list of the latest 5G Phones from Samsung, OnePlus, Apple, etc.
  • Customers will also receive trade-in credit in their accounts.
  • You will play your part in protecting the environment by recycling old phones when you trade them in.


How many phones can a MetroPCS customer upgrade?

According to Metro by T-Mobile policy, the customer is eligible to upgrade only one phone.

Is there an installment plan available for upgrading Metro phones?

Currently, MetroPCS does not offer any installment plans for phone upgrades.

Can I upgrade my MetroPCS phone Online?

You will need to bring your phone to the store to get the final value. So, there is no way you can upgrade your Metro PCS phone online.

In addition to that, you can also switch MetroPCS service to another phone.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, upgrading your Metro PCS phone is a simple process that involves assessing the value of your current device, visiting a nearby Metro by T-Mobile store, and selecting a new phone from a range of options.

The trade-in process not only provides you with the latest 5G phones from reputable brands but also contributes to environmental sustainability by recycling old devices.

So, If you have some money and are tired of your old phone, you can experience the benefits of upgrading to a new Metro phone.