Metro by T-Mobile ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program)

MetroPCS’s affordable connectivity program(Metro ACP) offers support and benefits on broadband services to customers who subscribe to the program. Here, we will discuss how to sign up for the Metro ACP program, discounted and free plans, and other relevant information.

What is MetroPCS’s Affordable Connectivity Program?

The MetroPCS’s Affordable Connectivity Program is a federal government initiative that provides support for eligible households. There are discounts up to $75 per month. Each household can only use ACP for one monthly internet discount. If a household is no longer eligible or if the program ends, regular Metro by T-Mobile rates, terms, and conditions will apply.

Steps to Get Metro PCS ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program)

  1. Check your eligibility for the program.
  2. Apply for the federal Affordability program online using this form.
  3. Visit a Nearby Metro by T-Mobile Store or log in to your account online to complete the Metro ACP application form.
  4. Sign up for Metro service and receive a free phone plus a $30 credit.

Metro ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program) Plans

Free Plan5GB Internet
5G Connectivity Access
T-Mobile Tuesday Perks
$10 PlanUnlimited High-Speed Data
Vix Premium
T-Mobile Tuesday Perks
$20 PlanUnlimited High-Speed Data
Vix Premium
T-Mobile Tuesday Perks
8 GB Hotspot Data
100GB Google One Membership
$30 PlanUnlimited High-Speed Data
Vix Premium
T-Mobile Tuesday Perks
25GB Hotspot Data
100GB Google One Membership
Unlimited SMS to 210+ Countries
$30 Plan


Can I use the ACP Program with T-Mobile?

Yes, you can use the Federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) program with T-Mobile as it is the parent company of Metro which also is part of this initiative. You get more information regarding this by visiting the T-Mobile official website.

What is the ACP program for US Mobile?

ACP is a federal program that helps qualified customers save up to $30 off internet and wireless services. Households on qualifying Tribal Lands can get up to $75 off.

How do I Add ACP to my MetroPCS Account?

You will need to log in to your MetroPCS account and fill out the Metro ACP application. Once your application is approved you’ll be notified by email or text.

How to Get Your Metropcs Bill Paid for Free?

Metro ACP has a $0 per month plan which will allow you to use 5GB of internet with the free bill.

How to Get a Free Phone Under the Metro ACP Program?

Once you have been selected for the Federal Affordable Connectivity Program, you can sign up for a free phone by visiting the nearby Metro by T-Mobile store.

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