MetroPCS Prepaid PLANS

RO by T-Mobile(MetroPCS) Prepaid Plans include three different packages for customers. Whether you are a family or an individual, every Metro plan offers feature unlimited internet bundles with high-speed connectivity to meet your needs.

The 5G network connectivity is included in all the METRO by T-Mobile Plans without any extra charges.

METRO by T-Mobile(MetroPCS) Prepaid Plans: Price & Features

$40 PLAN

This is a 40-dollar plan which offers 10 GB of high speed. The features include unlimited music via 40+ mobile apps. The line charges will vary according to the number of additional lines starting from $70 for 2 lines to $130 for 4 lines.

FeaturesMusic Unlimited Included (Stream 40+ music apps without using up the data)
2 Lines$70
3 Lines$100
4 Lines $130
5 Lines$160

$50 PLAN

The $50 metro pcs plan promises unlimited High Speed with 5GB of Hotspot Data and 100 GB of Google One. The additional charges for the extra line start from $80.

FeaturesHotspot Data 5GB + Google One 100 GB
2 Lines$80
3 Lines$110
4 Lines$140
5 Lines$170

$60 PLAN

It’s a $60 unlimited speed plan offering 5GB of hotspot data, with a free 100 GB Google One and amazon prime plan. For every additional line, extra charges will be issued starting from $90. The maximum number of lines is 5.

FeaturesHotspot Data 5GB + Google One 100 GB + AMAZON PRIME
2 Lines$90
3 Lines$120
4 Lines$150 ($120 charges applicable for a limited time)
5 Lines$180

Users can update to the $60 plan anytime to enjoy Metro PCS Amazon prime unlimited feature along with unlimited high-speed internet.

Prepaid Plan Recharge

The prepaid plans can be easily recharged with any of the MetroPCS payment options.