How to Get MetroPCS Extension on Bill Payment

If you don’t want your MetroPCS to get suspended or are tight on money, you can easily get a one-time MetroPCS extension on bill payment. To get a 48-hour extension, contact MetroPCS Customer Service at (888) 863-8768. If you are still confused, simply follow the steps below to request an extension on your metro payment.

MetroPCS Extension for Bill Payment
MetroPCS Extension for Bill Payment

Steps To Get MetroPCS Extension on Bill Payment

To extend your MetroPCS payment deadline and avoid service disruptions, follow the guide below on MetroPCS extension.

  1. Please wait until your phone is suspended.
  2. Open your myMetro app and select the “Phone Icon” to call customer service or use another Metro T-Mobile phone to contact the helpline at (888) 863-8768.
  3. The automated system will provide you with two options, either to pay the bill or get an extension.
  4. Choose “Get an Extension” by pressing 2 or speaking to the representative.
  5. You will be asked to agree to the “2 Days extension period”.
  6. When agreed, you will be provided with the 48-hour Metro PCS extension period.

Note: Please note that you are allowed to request for extension only once and the availability of it may also depend on your account history. In addition, there is also no 3-day(72-hour) extension on the MetroPCS billing.

Here is a video tutorial to get an extension on MetroPCS bill payment for 48 hours: