Metro PCS Speed Test

Metro PCS (Metro by T-Mobile’s) internet speed can be checked via the internet speed test web application. The speed test software is powered by

Metro by T-Mobile(Metro PCS) Speed Test Application

Click on the start button to proceed with the test:


The result will show the download and upload speed along with Jitter and Ping. This will help in analyzing the quality of the connection. In order to ensure that you are getting the right speed according to the subscribed plan, an internet speed test is a must.

Further, Jitter and Ping’s scores provide an understanding of the quality of your connection. These affect the live streaming, gaming, etc performance of the connection.

For more accurate results, check your Metro by T-Mobile Internet speed twice. And it is recommended to close down the extra browser tabs or software running on the internet, before starting the test. In some cases, internet speed is locked down to certain running applications, which affects the speed test accuracy.

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