Can a Sprint Phone be used on Metro PCS?

If you own a Sprint Phone and want to use Metro PCS, then here we will tell you whether it’s possible or not.

Can you use your Sprint Phone with Metro PCS?

Yes, you can use your Sprint phone with Metro PCS if you have the latest unlocked smartphone that supports GSM network technology.

To be clear, Sprint Telecom operates on the CDMA network whereas MetroPCS uses T-Mobile’s GSM technology.

Steps to Activating Metro PCS Network on Sprint Phone

Follow the steps to activate the Metro PCS network on Sprint phone:

  1. Visit any Metro PCS Store near your location.
  2. Get a Metro PCS sim card kit for your unlocked Sprint phone.
  3. Insert the Sim card and power on your device.
  4. Now, your phone may need APN settings.
  5. Ask the customer representative at the Metro PCS store to set up the APN settings.
  6. Hopefully, if everything goes right you will be able to use your phone with the Metro PCS network.

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